Three’s Company: Me, Myself and I

I’m Christina Marie Hughes. My parents gave me that name because they wanted to, on a bleak wintry day one January in 1994. The only January in 1994, to be exact. I was almost born in the passenger seat of a maroon-ish Ford F150 truck with rusted rims, a car I romanticize to this day. In fact, I just saw one pulling out of an ice cream store as I was driving to the bank this morning, and I did a serious rubberneck. It was the biggest snowstorm of the year, and my parents needed a police escort to get to the hospital.

Talk about an entrance. Quite ironic, considering I often like to go as undetected as humanly possible. If there’s a group at a party, I guarantee you I’m smiling and nodding somewhere along the periphery. I definitely don’t leave with a bang, either. But I’m getting better at being noticed, I think. “Coming to terms” with it rather, considering I have no choice what others do or don’t observe about me. It’s just easier to be okay with the things that happen regularly in life anyway, than to resist them or allow yourself to feel all the discomfort you want to. I’m all for the path of least resistance.

I guess some actual introduction(s) are in order. I have eyes that can’t really figure out what color they are, but they’re green on my driver’s license. I’m 5 foot 7 and a half inches on a tall/proud day. I love physical fitness and all aspects of health, and have my Bachelor’s of Science from NYU in Nutrition and Dietetics (Class of May 2016, woo!) I used to think I wanted to be a doctor, and I might still think that. I am a classical flute player as of almost 15 years ago. I love the 1970s and everything “pop culture” stemming from that era (including but not limited to bellbottoms, clogs, floral prints, color palettes, Volkswagens, interior design, film and TV, and culture.) I am a bookworm. I love cars and the act of driving. I know how to roast coffee and am a total java snob, though my milk steaming still needs work. I dislike red Starbursts. I may become gluten-free soon! I love thrifting and antiquing, especially when I score a really quirky find for super cheap. I adore living in upstate New York. Fall is my favorite season. I love Jesus but not religion. I love making kombucha, and flavoring it with unexpected ingredients. I’m a mix between Donna and Jackie, and if you know what I mean, well- you’ll know what I mean.

I’d be lying if I said I loved to write. This blog isn’t really a literary thing for me; I’m by no means a stunning, articulate writer. I can crank out a decent poem every now and then, but I have to be ultra-inspired (and usually in love) to do so. I have many writers I idolize, but could never compare to. David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Safran Foer, Barbara Kingsolver.. But that’s okay. If you wanted to read their blogs this very instant, chances are you wouldn’t be here. There are many bloggers so neck-deep in formatting and fancy-ass words that it’s hard to read their posts in a snap. I tend to really appreciate blogs, especially cooking blogs, where the recipe I wanted from the start is easy to access and not clouded by fancy formats, interactive displays or extended narratives and lots of buttons to click along the way. I hope you find my blog pretty simple to navigate.

I’m going to post a whole lot of nonsense, maybe some recipes, occasional opinions on music and television, and some feelings. Hopefully this blog will help me figure out what I like to write, things I like to cook, how to phrase things nicely on the interwebs, and what people enjoy reading. If you have any questions, comments, or want to get to know me, I’m sure there’s a button you can press on my home page to facilitate any of those inquiries. As for me, I’m about to get back to my pint of Halo Top ice cream and.. well, that’s really all! Later, friends.

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