About Me, Belated

My name is Christina M Hughes and I have a passion for the smell of spring, the smell of autumn after not smelling the smell of spring for a while, platform shoes, halter-neck jumpers in velour or spandex, clothes that flatter athletic thighs, blending things in my Vitamix, puppies (fluffier the better), making kombucha, traveling this big rock in the sky we all inhabit, freckles, the way everybody wore trucker hats with Levis or Wranglers and had big furry mustaches in the 1970s, writing long lists out of nowhere and sharing them with 1,067 people including yourself, spontaneous road trips, ice cream with more protein than sugar, cookbooks of all kinds, egg whites in a carton, donuts made with unexpected ingredients that aren’t soggy, thigh high boots (though I don’t own any) and unicorns.

I like thrift shopping and exorbitantly shopping. I like finding treasures, whether they be in people or in nature or in hidden places or in the back of cars or under a pile of stuff in the corner. I like vintage jewelry but not enough to actually wear it. I like being a cusp sign. I like museums, especially when they’re cheap to get into or serve great coffee. (I’m horrible, I know). I like the days I spend totally present, happy with my life and unafraid of loss and contentΒ with me, me, me. I like when people are close with their siblings, because I have none. I like childhood friends and dwelling in the bittersweetness of memories. I like hanging out in places that bring these memories back. I like copper and lavender and shiny opalescence and warm burgundy. I like when I overcome the urge to bite my nails and the white part makes it past my fingertip- pure victory. I like life and people who like life too, though sometimes I find them too bubbly. Everyone is different. I like that.

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