5 Egg Cardamom Pound Cake

DISCLAIMER: this cake is not remotely healthy. With a name like pound cake, how could it be? If you are not at least one pound heavier after so much as contemplating or smelling a fresh, warm slice of this tasty creation than you were before you knew it existed, it's not doing its job properly. I... Continue Reading →

Marrakesh Carrots

So, I can officially die happily at any time. It all happened about a week ago during a trip to the library in Poughkeepsie, NY. If you haven't been to Adriance Memorial Library, you are sorely missing out. It is simply a treasure trove. It was among the crammed cookbook shelving on the third floor... Continue Reading →


In my opinion, there is a list of words in the English language that are aurally despicable. I'm not sure why, because a lot of them don't contain similar phonemes or end sounds - but I do know that if you utter any of these sinful bits of verbage while I'm in your remote proximity, I... Continue Reading →


Hey. I know what you're thinking- talk about a long time away from the blogging universe! I confess myself UTTERLY ASHAMED! So now I'm sitting here with a Cinnamon Bun Oreo  three Cinnamon Bun Oreos, prepared to type my little fingers off to make it up to you! My loyal followers: Stay Tuned! (Not to... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter!

It's been a happy Easter for me thus far. While I didn't partake in any fun egg hunts or breakfast buffets, I have been enjoying a quiet morning of work from home. Working from home is great. Additionally, I poked my head out the back door this morning to find it's summer outside. Summer is great... Continue Reading →

About Me, Belated

My name is Christina M Hughes and I have a passion for the smell of spring, the smell of autumn after not smelling the smell of spring for a while, platform shoes, halter-neck jumpers in velour or spandex, clothes that flatter athletic thighs, blending things in my Vitamix, puppies (fluffier the better), making kombucha, traveling... Continue Reading →

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